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Come and enjoy the wilderness guided by us. We will take you and guide you to a hiking trail, take you to fishing, or to Lake Inari to enjoy nature. You can stay comfortably at the Kessinvuono Cottage or some other of our lodgings.



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Lake Inari dazzles with its beauty every season

Selected as one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake Inari has been described as a year-round paradise. It enchants with silence and unspoiled nature. Weather, winds, and seasons give Lake Inari a different face every day.


In spring, Lake Inari offers experiences for nature lovers. Nature comes to life and offers many lessons. Spring is an excellent time for birdwatchers. We will take you to the best places to admire the coming of spring.


In summer, Lake Inari shows itself in all its splendor. For a reason, it is called the Sámi Sea. A nightless night is magical. At the end of the summer, over the mirrored lake, the moon and sun meet and take over the viewer.


In the fall, nature shines orange, and you can fish, and walk in the glow of fireworks, even at the border of three states. We’ll take you to where you want to start your journey.


In winter, you can enjoy the snowy wilderness. In mid-winter the day is short, but you can go ice fishing, ski or walk. We will take you to a route where winter boots are enough. You enjoy the clean, fresh air.

We fish all year round

Once you go fishing in Lake Inari, you always come back. This is a local saying.

The water in Lake Inari is so clean that it is safe to drink. The brightness is explained by the fact that in some places, you can see up to ten meters deep.

When the water is clean, the fish are clean. You can see it from the structure of the fish and the fresh taste. Nothing tastes as good as freshly caught fish and fried or smoked fish.

In addition to grayling, native species of Lake Inari include trout, whitefish, and arctic char.

Stay in Kessivuono

We rent a cottage with amenities in the magnificent scenery of Kessivuono in Lake Inari. Roiro, Vasikkaselkä, and Surnuvuono are a short drive away.

From the cottage, you can take day trips to nature, refresh yourself in a sauna, relax, and enjoy the quiet. In the vicinity of the cabin, you can berry and hunt. Fishing in Lake Inari and Kessijoki is also possible.

You can go to the cottage by hiking, boat or snowmobile. The nearest road is 5 km away, and the boat ride is 50 km from Nellimi. The Nellim-Sevettijärvi snowmobile trail runs close to the cottage.

We transport and equip

We’ll transport you safely by boat or sled. During the trip you will be in touch with Lake Inari and the surrounding barren nature.

We will take you to see the sights while telling you about local life.

We rent boats, snowmobiles, canoes, kayaks, rowing boats, equipment and accessories for self-guided wilderness hiking. We always have the right boat and fishing equipment for individual fishermen and fishing groups.

Lake Inari – Welcome

I started fishing as a little boy with my dad. At that time, fishing was mainly done with nets and sometimes with longline which we call Juksa. Nowadays, we use more sophisticated methods in trolling, such as downriggers, planers, and tackles. In the winter, when you are ice fishing, you can catch arctic char, grayling, white fish, perch, and you can find trout.

I hope I can offer you, your business, your friends and family the same experiences that I’ve experienced.


Aimo Koistinen

Lake Inari is a hiker’s and fisherman’s heaven

The large backs, long fjords, narrow straits, rocky beaches, and islands of Lake Inari form an uncommon body of water. The plants and the landscape have become unique. You can see the fish swimming in the water.

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