The cabin is located in Kessivuono (Fjord Kessi)

You can get to the cottage by walking, by boat or in winter by snowmobile. Nearest road access is 5 km away, the boat trip Nellim will be 50 km. Nellim-Sevettijärvi snowmobile trail goes near the cottage.

There is excellent possibility to pick wildberries, hunt or go fishing at Lake Inari or Kessijoki.

The cabin has beds for 8 people and sauna. Complete set of dishes. Kitchen with gas stove and oven. Also  refrigerator-freezer.

700€/week, 150€/night

Boat tranportation to the cottage 650€. Include two ways.

Rental boat Buster RS 120€/day, 700€/week

Roving boat whit engine 50€/day, 350€/week.

Net fishing licence 100€/week, include 4 nets.

Snowmobile transportation to the cottage 600€. Include two ways.

Contact and reservations:
Safari Service
Aimo Koistinen
Nellimintie 4204
99860 Nellim
p. +358 40 7739 142