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Welcome to Nellim and lake Inari to enjoy the magical Lapland atmosphere and unforgettable scenery.

Lake Inari provides excellent opportunities to go fishing, boating and hiking in all seasons. Enjoying the exotic Northern Lights is possible late autumn and winter. They are best seen in the dark wilderness where you can have a trip by boat or snowmobile . I started fishing with my father when I was just a litte boy. At that time we used fishing net and sometimes also with longline which we call as a Juksa. Nowadays we use more sophisticated methods in trolling such as downriggers, planers and tackles. In winter when the lakes are frozen it's excellent season for ice fishing. Most usual catches are arctic char, grayling, whitefish, perch and trout. As I was born and raised in Nellim and experienced some fantastic thrills with fishing along the way, I also want to offer you a possibility to experience some of the most unique feelings fishing in Lapland. Welcome to Nellim and Lake Inari!